About us

"Beauty will save the world" 

Cit. Dostoevskij

Nobile Agency is an artists management, production, events and cultural content agency cultivating the intersection of art, culture, photography.

Founded by Gabriella Nobile with more than 28 years of experience in Fashion, Luxury and art field, the agency brings a new concept of communication where the watchword is: Contamination.
Photography speaks to psychoanalysis, science with philosophy, art with life to give rise to unique cultural moments and more effective and different events.
New concept in the way of conceiving communication in the new era.
We are specialized in full planning, management and production support services to a wide ranging international client base.

Nobile Agency supports their clients to find the best solution for their needs.
This can be with a 360degree spectrum or, where appropriate, on a specific angle.
The agency strengths are: flexibility and a large network.