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Denis Curti

Denis Curti 

Nobile Agency is honored to announce its representation of Denis Curti in organizing photographic events and exhibitions.

Director and founder of STILL organization that deals with photography to 360 degrees;

Artistic Director of Capri Photography Festival and the SI FEST; Rolling Stone Charge Director of the periodic Black Camera and consultant of photographic heritage management of Venice Foundation.

In the pats Denis Curti – director of the photography section in Turin European Institute of Design and Italian Photography Foundation. An expert in the collectors’ photography market, Denis Curti took care of the first photographic auctions of Sotheby’s Milan in 2002-2003. Journalist and photographic critic of Vivimilano and Corriere della Sera. Director of Contrast and vice president of the Fondazione Forma in Milan in 2004-2005.

Today Denis Curti curates exhibitions and photographic reviews, he is the author of several books on photography, including Collecting Photography for Contrast editions.