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The Scope

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in photography The Scope offers high-end CGI work, with several specialized departments offering CG Locations, CG Landscapes, CG Imaging, CG Cars and an extra unit for CG Set Design.

In simple terms The Scope calls their range of activities CG Photography.

CG Photography means creating images exclusively using computer technology.

Sets, landscapes, props, cars and lighting are completely computer generated, while production and workflow mirrors a live shoot using a photographer to supervise the production as a visual director.

Founder and Creative Director Faruk Heplevent strives to find the best possible solutions for visualizing creative ideas. To push this concept all members of The Scope team come from creative backgrounds; art directors, painters, architects, designers, photographers and many other creative professions who love to prove their skills everyday developing international advertising campaigns.

Our philosophy is to invest a lot of detailed work at the very beginning of a project to save half baked solutions towards the end of the process.

We believe in ‘creativity before technology’ and this has earned The Scope multiple awards including Cannes Lions and ADC Pencils and Eurobest trophies alongside a global reputation amongst our clients for being the best at what we do.